Updated 12-09-22

Our beloved F2 girl Kilala, and her 2 kittens Kikyo and Kagome!


Breed Issues

I bred Bengals for 4ish years and stopped about 2 years ago due to financial strain, caused by a vets lack of knowledge, I still have a female that I would like to breed and will be doing once I get 3 deposits. She will not be bred until homes are lined up, if you are interested please contact me so we can go thru the screening process.

I will not be keeping any studs on my grounds, my queen(s) will be bred to an outside stud(s). The stud will be chosen based on Health and Temperament.

I will remain a small cattery, breeding for good temperaments, health and to better the breed. I will most likely only have 1 -2 litters a year. All kittens and cats are inside and raised underfoot. They will come with 2 rounds of shots, micro-chipped, be de-wormed and are TICA registered!

KrystaLake Cattery is a Felv/FIV and RW free cattery!!

If it is an emergency my cell is: 920-216-3924

Proud Members of TICA!

About me and my family:


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