KrystaLake's Silver Lining

Dam: Sari's Silver Icon of KrystaLake

Sire: Seagold's InuYasha of KrystaLake

A.k.a Kikyo


Kikyo is a F3 out of our beloved Kilala.  She is a Silver spotted with Jet black spots, and is dripping in glitter.  We are planning a litter later in the year, she will be bred when homes are done being lined up.  If you are interested in a kitten from her please contact me and we will being the screen process.

General description of the Bengal

When working on the breed, the main emphasis was placed on the similarity of Bengals with their wild ancestors, but friendly and gentle, like domestic cats. Therefore, any description of the appearance of the Bengal cat creates an image of a small forest predator, a kind of averaged image of a representative of the species Felis bengalensis.

They are muscular cats of athletic build, strong and solid bones. They are excellent hunters, able to track down prey patiently, to jump high and to climb trees nimbly. They have strong paws and tenacious claws. There have been cases of bengals jumping a 3-meter concrete fence or climbing a smooth, round iron pole. They are so agile that they can catch an insect on the fly with one paw.

Therefore their body corresponds to the swiftness of their movements. It is slightly elongated, with hind legs slightly higher than front legs. Its paws are large and its claws are retracted to sneak up on its prey silently. The cat can sit for a long time, frozen, waiting for the moment. And even the slight movement of the tail does not betray its presence.

It has a small beautiful head on a long strong neck. The eyes are slightly oval, very expressive. When they stalk their prey, they are the cold eyes of an assassin, slightly squinted. Sometimes a strange primordial longing suddenly appears in their gaze, as if the forest and the field, their distant homeland, are calling them.

Bengal's rather thick tail is kept down, as many wild cats do, and it does not stand trumpeted even with joy.

Their jaws are well adapted to rough food. The nose is large and long, and the ears are round and short, set wide and slightly tilted forward, as if alert. Bengals have high cheekbones and a strong-willed chin.

But most of all, the most impressive thing is the luxurious, thick and soft fur, which feels like natural silk. The mottled, bright coat is decorated with contrasting spots on a warm, sandy to reddish-brown background.