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1. Name of Cat/Kitten your interested in:

 2. Why you are interested in a Bengal Cat/Kitten:

 3. Will you be declawing your Cat/Kitten?

 4. Do you have any children?

        -If so, what are their ages?

 5. Does anyone in the household have cat allergies?   

        -If so, how sever? 

 6. Is anyone home during the day?

        -If so, how long, and who?

 7. How many hours will the Kitten be left home alone during the day?

 8. Where will the Cat/Kitten be kept when home?

 9. Where will the Cat/Kitten be kept when not home?

 10. Where will Cat/Kitten sleep?

 11. What type of house do you live in?

 12. Do you rent?

        -If so, do you have the landlords permission to get a Bengal?

 13. Have you ever owned a Cat/Kitten before?

 14. Will the Cat/Kitten be allowed/kept outside?

 15. What activity level do you expect your Bengal to have?

 16. Are you looking for a "Lap Cat"?



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