KrystaLake's Looks Can Be Deceiving

Dam: KCSJungleBabes Princess Leya

SiBooger is a retired stud, due to being a stud he does not get along with other male cats, and probably never will.  Booger needs an only cat home or a female cat only home.  He is VERY affectionate, he loves to talk to you, and loves to cuddle.

He is neutered and ready to go!  $100

Will get some updated pictures soon.  He is a bit fatter now...lol

KrystaLake's Foxtrot

Dam: MidNite of KrystaLake

Sire: KrystaLake Looks Can Be Deceiving

A.k.a Foxtrot

Foxtrot is a beautiful marble girl.  She is full of energy and will always make you laugh.  She doesn't care to be carried but loves to cuddle with you at night.  She is a high energy level kitty and needs place to climb and have fun.

She is spayed and ready