Bengal Questions and Answers



What are Bengals?

Bengals are descendents of Asian Leopard Cats. An Asian Leopard Cat was bred with a Domestic Short Hair.  The Breed was founded around the 1980's and is now recognized by TICA.


What are Bengal characteristics?

*High Energy        *Playful                    *Love Dogs                *Exotic Looking

*Fetch                     *Love People          *Love Children          *Smart

*Play in Water        *Friendly                  *Cuddly                     *Trainable


Are Bengals Wild?

No...Bengals are like normal house cats, only early generations have Asian Leopard Cat blood in them.  Also Early Generations are not wild and/or mean.  If anything they maybe a little timid.  With a lot of a socialization Early Generations make wonderful pets.


What do I feed my Bengal?

I feed Chicken Soup For the Cat Lovers Soul .  I have found this to be one of the best Premium cat foods out there.  You do not have to feed your Bengal raw but some breeders live by it.  If you decide to feed raw PLEASE do your research before hand.


What are F1's, F2's and F3's? (Early Generations)

F1's are the Bengal Babies produced from the pairing of an Asian Leopard cat with a Bengal, they will have 50% or higher of Asian Leopard Cat blood.  F2's are the Bengal babies produced from the offspring of an F1, they will have 25% or higher  Asian Leopard Cat blood. F3's are the Bengal Babies produced from an F2, they will have 12.5% or higher Asian Leopard Cat blood.


Should I buy a Male or a Female for a Pet?

Now this is a very common question that I am asked, and I am going to answer it from my personal experience. I have owned cats all my life from strays to different purebreds, and my personal opinion is this:

It depends on what kind of personality you want.

Females:  Are more independent, and everything is on their time and their choice.  Like if you pick them up and put them in your lap they usually run off. Also I will add there are exceptions to this, this is just my experience.

Males: Are more family orientated, they want to be on your lap, they want to sleep with you at night, and you can pick them up and set them on your lap.  Here again there are exceptions to this, this is just my experience.




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