Rope- needed to collect beads. Must have for breeding. Once you  get on you will always have one..:)  But you must have one for each breeding.

                      Silver Bead- needed to breed one foal

                      Gold Bead- guarantees twins

                      Blue Bead- guarantees all colts

                      Pink Bead- guarantees all fillies

                      Black Bead- guarantees Zebra Hybrid

                      Multi Bead- foal will receive one random mutation

                      Rainbow Bead- guarantees one of the parents mutations

                      Wild Bead - needed to breed Wild Gypsies



Rules and Regulations

-Mares can only be bred once per breeding season. Stallions may be bred only 3 times season, unless they are wild or Elemental Stallions.  Wild Stallions and Elementals may only be breed once per breeding season.

- In order to breed Wilds with anything, imports or other wilds, you need a special bead. Wilds will always pass on their mutations, or if a hybrid, their offspring will always be a hybrid.  If breeding two Wilds you have a 50/50 of either parents mutations or passing on a hybrid.  Please remember this when breeding, for example, if you breed a butterfly mutated to a Zebra Hybrid you have a 50/50 of either.  You are not guaranteed the hybrid. 

- Elementals require NO breeding items, but can only breed once per season.  When bred to anything other then Elementals you have a 25% chance of an Elemental baby, if bred to another Elemental you have a 50% of an Elemental baby.

-Unless you have a multi-colored bead, mutations are passed by chance. If both parents have a mutation then there is a 50/50 chance of the foal getting the mutation. If one parent has the mutation then the foal has a 25% chance of getting it. If both parents have different mutations then there is a 25% chance that the foal will have none, a 25% chance it will get the mother's mutation, a 25% chance it will get the father's mutation, and a 25% chance that it will get both.

-When a "normal" is bred to a hybrid, the foal has a 50% chance of being a hybrid. 

-If breeding two different hybrids, the foal has a 50/50 chance of being either hybrid.

-If using a Gold Bead, twins, they will mostly likely be identical. On a very rare occasion will fraternal twins be born.

-There is only a 10% chance that a colt will be born.



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