TICA Bengal Breed Standard


Shape: Wide modified wedge with rounded contours. Somewhat longer in length than in width, small in proportion to the body, but not to extremes. The skull, slightly convex between the ears, curves smoothly into the neck. The jaws of adult cats can be quite powerful. The head in general should be as different as possible from that of a domestic cat.

Ears: Medium to small in size, relatively short with broad base and rounded tips. Ears set as widely as possible, the lines of the ears following the contour of the muzzle when viewed from the front, pointing slightly forward when viewed from the profile. Brushes on the inside of the ears are allowed, but lynx tassels on the tips are not desired.

Eyes. Oval, almost round. Large, but not too large. Wide set, set slightly obliquely toward the base of the ear. Color of eyes does not depend on the color of coat, with the exception of lynx-points. The more it is bright and saturated, the better.

Chin. Strong, located in line with the tip of the nose.

Muzzle. Full and wide with large protruding whisker pads passing to muzzle with slight pinch, and high pronounced cheekbones.

Nose. Big and wide with slightly upturned lobe.

Profile. The line of the forehead to the bridge of the nose flows without a sharp bend. The bridge of the nose is just above the eye level. The nose is slightly convex, almost straight, and the line of the nose profile is drawn to the nose-tip.

Neck. long, strong, muscular, in proportion to the head and body.