A domestic cat that has the characteristic appearance of small forest cats, but with the gentle poise of pets. Bengals look like wild cats in build. Medium to large in size, cats are significantly larger than cats. The average weight of a cat is 7 to 7.5 kg, but there are larger individuals. Very muscular, higher in the croup than at the withers, with a shiny silky coat.

HEAD: Heavy skull, slightly longer than wide, rounded, with strong, broad muzzle. Large nose and prominent cusps. Profile with slight transition.

Neck: The neck is long and powerful.

EARS: Small to medium in size, broad in outline, slightly slanting forward, with rounded tips and a wild-colored spot.

EYES: Large, oval. Eyes set wide apart at a slight angle. Any color is acceptable, except for blue and aquamarine in tabby colors, for snow Bengal (power-links) only pure deep blue.

BODY: Medium to large, muscular, somewhat elongated, stout. Limbs of medium length, also strong and muscular. Paws large, round, hind legs elongated, raising torso.

TAIL: The tail is medium length, thick, with a rounded tip. The tip of the tail is inevitably dark colored.

WALT: The hair is short, dense, shiny and silky.

COLORS: The distinct, contrasting black or brown, spotted or distinctive marbled pattern, on a golden-orange background.

The Snow Bengal (sil-links) is a colorpoint. The points have the same coloring as the traditional Bengals. The body is slightly lighter, but, unlike other colorpoints, has a hue and pattern corresponding to the color of the points. To the layman, the Snow Bengal does not look like a colorpoint.

The following colors are recognized: brown (black) spotted tabby, brown (black) tabby marble, seal sepia spotted tabby, seal sepia marble tabby, seal mink spotted tabby, seal mink marble tabby, seal spotted lynx-point and seal marble lynx-point.

CONDITION: A healthy, strong, muscular, well-groomed cat.

DISQUALIFICATIONS: Vertical stripes in pattern, too heavy body

DISQUALIFICATION: White medallions on neck, chest, abdomen or any other places not specified by the standard. Any sign of aggression.


Scale of points

Body - 30

Head - 20

Eyes - 10

Texture of wool - 10

Color of coat, color - 25

Condition - 5

TOTAL - 100