Interesting facts about Bengal cats

Bengal cat is one of the most expensive breeds in the world. However, their cost is fully justified, because these animals have a unique genetic heredity, a unique and kind disposition, unusual behavior and excellent external data. All this makes Bengal cats more and more popular among pet lovers.

The most interesting thing about Bengals

If you are planning to buy a Bengal kitten, then you will be interested to know the following facts about the life of representatives of this unique breed. Bengal cats are considered extremely intelligent, energetic and active pets. In your family, he will most likely be the most active member - playful and irrepressible. However, this trait is inherent in many breeds of domestic cats. So what makes Bengals truly unique and special?

Faster, taller, stronger. Bengal cats are great athletes. They need constant physical activity, with great pleasure they romp in any open space, climb on all available surfaces, they love to play, jump from heights, in general, behave quite actively.

Gentle friend. These cats often become the extraordinary embodiment of tenderness. It's impossible to watch the Bengal plumping on his back, roll over from side to side, with genuine pleasure. He'll often come up to you, snuggle faithfully and purr lullingly. Then he'll just curl up into a small fluffy ball, most likely on your lap, and quickly fall asleep. Bengals badly need love and attention of their owners.

Like a fish in water. Bengal cats are just obsessed with water. Agree, not all cats are like that. Bengals just love water - splashing, frolic, wet their paws, drink from the fountain. Of course, they can swim quite well, even in places where it's deep. However, owners do not have to arrange their pets water swimming.

But to talk? As already mentioned, bengals love communication with their owners. At the same time, they do not intend to be limited to the banal purr. This is not just a companionable, but also quite a noisy creature. Do not be afraid, they will not "constantly insert their comments" as representatives of some other breeds. Bengals just know how to react very differently to certain events. The sounds they make are very varied and depend on the current situation and the mood of the cat.

Food Hunters. These creatures really love their food, and their food they can consider not only what is in the bowl. For example, a Bengal cat can gladly climb into a bag that you have just brought from the supermarket and have not yet had time to unpack. He will not only steal the tidbits, but also protect them from trying to steal them.

You know a friend in a cat. Bengal cats are not aggressive to other representatives of the animal kingdom. These pets will easily find common ground with any other animal. In the category of their friends, they will gladly include your children. But here you need to be careful, because Bengals are very playful and active cats, and in the midst of their fun can accidentally scratch.

Chic and Shiny. Bengal is a brilliant cat, and in the literal sense of the word. A unique feature of this breed is that their fur has a specific golden sheen, which only increases the impression of an extraordinarily beautiful color of the wild animal.