Legend tells of a small, secret island. An island with towering volcanoes and mountains, with deep valleys and rolling pastures. Deep forests are said to trim the feet of the mountains, with streams running into rivers that trickle from the mountains and roll into the ocean that surrounds the magical island.
It is also said that a breed of horses inhabit the island- a breed of horses they call Gypsies. Few have ever managed to locate the island to see if there is any truth to the rumors- few that is, until now.
Chutkat and KrystaLake have recently battled through water, fire, space and time to locate the fabled island- and find it they did! They also found , and managed to tame, some of the wild Gypsies- taking DNA samples and shipping them back to the UK to the secret breeding facilities. The wild Gypsies who inhabit the island are much like the horses known to us as Gypsy Cobs- or Vanners- depending where in the world you live. The differences can be seen in the extraordinary colours and hybrids, and even mystical mutations such as wings and horns.
Since finding the wild Gypsies and sending the DNA to our special, secret breeding facilities in the UK, we have been able to export the amazing new creatures to enthusiasts all over the world! Occasionally rare wild Gypsies are tamed and offered for sale- but this is very rare- especially with Stallions as they are much less greedy and friendly than the mares and foals. Stallions on the whole are difficult to handle and tame- so Stallions are much more rare than mares in general.



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