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Kittens/Cats Available


PENDING= awaiting deposit

ON HOLD= Deposit has been made, awaiting full payment

ADOPTED= Paid in full


 All Kittens and Cats available are $300 which includes the spay or neuter!!


Coral- Brown Spotted- Female- Available

Need to Update Pics, She is now a year old!



Dory-Brown Spotted Female-Available

Need to Update Pics, She is now a year old!



Samba-Brown Marble-Male-Available!

He is now a 11 months old!



Tango-Brown Spotted-Male-Available!

He is now a 11 months old!



Jive-Brown Spotted-Male-Aavailable

He is now a 11 months old!



***SBT Brown Rosetted Male***

Booger is a very sweet boy, he loves attention and loves to cuddle, he is just not a fan of being held.  Would do will in a home with a female cat (would probably do well with a male also) dogs or children.

Click here for more pictures of Booger!!!

KrystaLake's Looks Can Be Deceiving

A.K.A Booger

Sire: Nairobi MoonlitCongo of Cedarranch

Dam: KCSJungleBabes Princess Leya

*Reduced* 300 (includes neuter)



***SBT Brown Marble Female***

MidNite is a wonderful girl and would fit well in just about any home, she will get along with other cats, dogs and children.

Click here for More Pictures of MidNite!!!

Click here for MidNite's Pedigree

UniquePrints MidNite of KrystaLake

Sire: BosqueBengals BoJangles

Dam: Walkabout Dot Dot

*Reduced* $300 (includes spay)




She currently doesn't need to be on any medication, but may in the future, due to a previous vets neglect she suffered from Congestive Heart Failure and now has a Grade 2-3 heart murmur.  She may need to be on meds in the future, she may not, we do not know at this point.  Right now she just needs to be in a stress free environment.  She needs to be with another cat or two, and in a home with no children or dogs.  

***SBT Seal Mink Rosetted Queen***

Click here for More Pictures of Lilly!

Legacie N Your Dreamz of KrystaLake

A.K.A Lilly

Sire: Foothillfelines Khaishi

Dam: Canicspots Arctic Frost of Legacie

Asking Price of Spay only! ($200)



***SBT Brown Rosetted Male***

Yasha is a very sweet lovely boy, loves to be held and loves to cuddle.  Due to being a stud for a couple years we do not think he would do well with another male cat.  We also don't know if he will continue spraying when he leaves, although I am told once he is out of a cattery setting he will most certainly stop spraying.

SeaGold InuYasha of KrystaLake

A.K.A Yasha

Sire: RW SGC Belera Customs Dream of Jabari

Dam: Nairobi Kahaba of SeaGold

*Reduced* 300 (includes neuter)



*SBT Brown Spotted Queen***

 Click here for more pictures of Venus!

KrystaLake Dance of Blades

A.K.A Venus

Sire: SeaGold InuYasha of KrystaLake

Dam: UniquePrints MidNite of KrystaLake

Beautiful homegrown girl, this girl has it all.... type, contrast, colour, glitter, horizontal flow and a wonderful personality!

*Reduced* 300 (includes spay)



***SBT Brown Marble***

Click Here to see more pictures of Foxtrot!

KrystaLake ?????

Sire: KrystaLake Looks Can Be Deceiving

Dam:  UniquePrints MidNite of KrystaLake

What a GORGEOUS homegrown marble girl, and I cant wait to see what she turns into!!  Her pattern has started falling out every where, she is just dripping in glitter and has the best personality!

*Reduced* 300 (includes spay)






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