Every Kitten comes with:

5 year Health Guarantee

1 year FIP Guarantee

2 Rounds of Shots

Several De-wormings


and a Starter Kit!


Starter Kit:


Nail Trimmers

Kitten Care Book

And Toys!


About our kittens:

Kittens will leave no earlier than 12 weeks of age.

They will get their 1st Distemper shot at 8 weeks, 2nd at 12 weeks.

All kittens are TICA registered, if purchased as a Pet, papers will not be given until proof of spay/neuter has been received.

All Kittens must be spayed/neutered before 8 months of age.

All kittens will be Micro-chipped.






None at this time.




KrystaLake Silver Lining X Bengalscape Mad Max


I am expecting BEAUTIFUL kittens from this breeding, and a variety.  Silver and browns, spotteds and I am hoping marbles! 

I am currently taking deposits, as I need 3 before I will breed her.

$300 to hold kitten, will be allowed to pick in order of deposits received, and after me. 




If you are interested in a upcoming kitten please fill out the questionnaire and email it to so you can begin the screening process and be added to our waiting list!










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